Why Do The Flowers Bow Their Heads To The Ground..?

So many days and so many nights i longed to speak. I needed to know that I had a chance of redemption form the eternal hell I had been cast into. Shiny Happy People pause a moment to ask me where my best friend is. The barrage of questions is excruciating, What happened? Fighting? It'll blow over. I'm sorry.

 Each time I hear his name, my heart beats erratically. Each time the questioners view their opinions on the demise our long friendship, the lump in my throat seems to grow by tenfold.

How can I live? Each time we meet, he is in the company of a large group of friends who smile, laugh and joke. he glances my way but quickly averts his eyes whenever they meet mine. I turn my eyes towards the ground, observing it as if it would reveal to me my true feelings.

 The flowers bow their heads to the ground, shying away from the ravaging heat. The gentle sunlight of the morning is gone.

When will it be dawn again?

DareToBeDifferent DareToBeDifferent
18-21, T
Feb 11, 2010