Flea Market Woman

I will never forget helping a friend at a flea market one weekend, several years ago. The flea market was on a highwy in a small town in TN. It was a hot summer day and around 1:30 in the afternoon I noticed all of the men and some of the women in the area all turning to look in the same direction. Curious, I wondered what everyone was looking at. All of a sudden a woman in her late 40's-early 50's appeared. She was short, a little heavy and wearing a very low-cut sleeveless thin cotton top. This woman was showing what looked to be about 2 feet of cleaveage! As she passed, men were following her like she was a ***** in heat. I'm sure my jaw dropped because I got the biggest ***** I'd had in years. I think you could have thrown her **** over your shoulders, they were huge! She walked on through the crowd and I never saw her again. I could not get her picture out of my head and my hard on would not go away. Finally I Had to go to the nearest bathroom and jerk myself off.
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I wish there was one in every crowd, but at least there's one in every few crowds. One hottie at a yard sale caused me a precum spot in my jeans the size of a silver dollar! (which I had to walk around with for everyone who cared to look to see)

Oh Yeah! Ain't it great though. Unimaginable size and sway. Thanks for sharing.

The greatest venue I know of for such spectator sport is the state fair. I love to grab a drink and some cheesy fries and park my *** on a bench. Then I indulge my every lurid male fantasy as some of the most beautiful and scantilly dressed women imaginable parade by. Sporting tanktops, halters, tight braless t-shirts, short skirts, thin summer dresses, daisy dukes, wedges and ****-me heels, it really is some of the best jaw-dropping and erection inspiring good, cheap fun a guy can have.

Boy that's the truth - lots of great women at fairs and flea markets. I go to a flea market regularly because there's this woman who's always in Daisy Dukes, pantyhose and ****-me pumps. She's middle age but very sexy and i know she loves putting on a show

Isn't it amazing what can stick in your mind? Especially an image like that! What power women can have over us. It's mind blowing....among other things (smiling).

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oh for a picture. Thanks for sharing.

they can really get crazy at a flea market, I've seen a lot of hot, sleazy, trashy looking women there