Coast Starlight

I am going to take RT Coast Starlight from SF to Seattle this month. Coach to Seattle, and SF to Sleeper. Can't wait my travel.
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1 Response Nov 5, 2011

My partner and I have been rail travelers for 25yrs(U.S.only) and have ridden the "Coast" 3 times;once from L.A. north to Seattle with 4 stop-offs,and twice southward with around the same amount. I used a trav. agent for those. In many areas the train has a closer view of the coast than that famous highway that it parallels. It's a great trip during any season and the service on the Starlight is top flight. You'll enjoy it if you go.

I ended up traveling SF to LA in November 2011, then Portland Oregon in December 2011. Enjoyed Sleeper from LA to SF, but not from Oregon to SF. Due to time of travel, I would have enjoyed more if I have sleeper from SF to Oregon. I think people who travel in rails are more classy in US. I am currently in Japan traveling via a bullet train. Shinkansen in Japan are very fast and accurate. I hope you and your partner would have a chance to visit Japan sometime.