It Started With a Leaf Collection In 9th Grade.

Assigned to collect, identify and then preserve leaves from 75 different trees in Illinois, I had no idea how it would produce such an admiration for trees or how it would provide one of the few truly bonding moments with my father. A former Botany minor in college, my father guided me through Catalpa, Cottonwood, Drummonds Red Maple and his favorite, the River Birch. To this day, I'm always identifying trees wherever I go.
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5 Responses Jan 3, 2008

I need to do this project, I think I would learn much and be very happy to have this knowledge. :-) I realized recently that I don't know my trees very well, and its high time to learn. Nice post.

'It started with a leaf'. Is that sung to the same tune as that Hotchocolate song - It started with a kiss?

One of the few curricular projects I remember from that class or even that entire year. <br />
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I was too busy flirting with Laura. :)

I love wood stoves. The smell, the natural heat and pancakes/eggs/sausage made on a griddle. <br />
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Huh! I remember having to collect leaves for Science in 4th grade. I got Extra points for leaves not on the list. I had quite a lovely album of them. Can't say it turned me into a tree freak though. Although, I'm very appreciative of trees right this minute, as they are keeping my house warm in the wood stove! OHHHHHH! Heheheheheee