I Cried Over One Once

I think tress are magnificent.  They stand tall and proud & offer humans & other animals so much, so as shelter & shade.  They are strong, can withstand the elements & most winds.  (I've seen winds so strong that trees bend so far that I think they will snap!)

I used to get so frustrated when I would see a tree being cut down.  Now, I know a lot of our products come from trees, but I'm talking about "neighborhood" trees.  When someone cuts down a perfectly good tree just because they don't want to rake all those leaves it really ticks me off.  It just leaves a huge hole & takes your brain a long time to get used to not seeing it there.

My Mom & Dad used to have a beautiful Blue Spruce in the front yard.  I loved that tree!  I woke up one morning to the sound of chain saws & looked out the front window to see beautiful Blue being butchered.  I was in total & utter shock!  Someone could have warned me!  I cried.  I didn't talk to my parents for a week.  It took me months to fully get over it...hell it's been almost 15yrs & maybe I'm still not over it!  I even wrote a poem about it, "Ode To A Tree".  If I can find it I will post it here.


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Ive always loved trees !

I think cutting down trees is a height of human ignorance and stupidity.

I totally sympathize. When I was a tiny child (2 and 3) there were a few trees at my parent's house that I had named and would talk to. I don't remember it because I was too young, but I still have a great love for trees.

there was a huge tree on campus that got cut down. The trunk must have been 6-7 feet wide at least... it was depressing to see it happen...

I know......it was such a poignant coincidence, and the symbolism of the tree coming down....

Wow, Birdie. Talk about things that will never make you forget. Even though the tree deserved the tears, it kind of changes your perspective a bit.

There was a magnificent beech tree on our skyline. One morning I was distressed to hear the chainsaws hacking that tree down....there was a big empty space and I shed a few tears. Then came the news....it was Sept 11th 2001.

I just reread this, Birdie. How creepy.

Yes it was very very strange and poignant Dar.

I absolutely know what you mean. :( Poor tree.

I can understand your feelings. Sadly, i live in a country where the demolishing of forests is the largest in the world.<br />
<br />
Nice to meet the others who love trees:)

Im so sorry. Where are you from?