My Special Trees

With their roots deep in Mother Earth and their branches reaching toward heaven, trees are a magical companion on our planet.

I have known many special trees in my life. In my childhood there was a dogwood just outside my bedroom window and during my years of growing up I watched that tree grow from a five foot transplant to a magnificent mature specimen gracing my view with flowers and berries.

There is a  mature willow tree on the banks of the river across the road from my childhood home. That tree had its start as a branch I broke off to mark the flood water during spring thaw when I was 10. Every time I see it I marvel at nature and her ability to reproduce.

There is a century maple in my back yard that is huge and perfect. She houses squirrels and birds of all kinds and shades my home. I remember when I bought this property almost 30 years ago thinking how fortunate I was that such a magnificent tree already lived here.

At the edge of my pond is a black willow with multiple trunks that grew as a volunteer. ( I so love that term!) It leans gracefully over the pond We can walk up the trunks for several feet and be standing right over the water to watch the fish.It's a magical spot.

In the back yard is a honey locust that I planted a couple of years before my youngest son was born. It grew along with him and became known as his "climbing tree". He is in college now and I look out the window at the Climbing Tree and I have such wonderful memories. And every once in a while when he's home I'll hear him yelling for me from somewhere up high, and I'll realize he's up in his old friend the Climbing Tree.

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Thank you Willowwitch! And what a great name!

Thanks NaturesSeed! What a great EP name!

When I read Mother Earth in the first line I knew I would enjoy this post. I was right. Thank you for sharing such a great story.

Hi Brainyblonde. As a landscaper I have planted thousands of trees over the years and I love seeing them now, some of them are large mature trees. It think about it the same way as you do. It really is a legacy to leave for our planet!

Thank You Datura. The Oaks are Who I faver as They have a Strengh to them that Strenthens Me.I will choose an Old Knarley Oak, and will clime up into Her Canopy, and sit there for a few hours and just Listen. Sometimes annoying 'friends' will go out 'looking'for Me, and never once do they even think of looking Up into the Oak tree, but then again, they are Out of their 'element' when in the Woodlands, and Iam quite inside of My 'element' amongst the Oak Trees. I consider Them 'Friends'.

Thank you for your insightful comment, Balamvucub! I do understand exactly what you are saying. Often I go to the trees for solace or wisdom and strength and healing. Their energy is beautiful.

Datura,this is an Awesome Story, it is a good thing to know that there are People like You who have not forgotten that Trees Are Living Beings, as we Human Beings are. When I am too terribly Stressed out Itry to find a locality with Oaks living on it,then preferrably,climb up one,then sit absorbing the Oaks Strength, Ialso leave behind a gift for the spirit of the Tree for Helping me.It looks like, due to Your story, that You have Understanding of this.

Oh, yes, Masterminty! I remember walking home at night in the dark when I was a kid and passing ancient trees with very scary personalities and appearances!

If you can't smoke it, don't plant it.<br />
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May 2011 here, and we get frost, it's also terribly dry around then X@

Oh, Lilt! I envy you your mimosa!<br />
<br />
Thanks Sunshine! I feel the same way about spring :-)

I knew you would get a real charge out of that, Sir b ;-)<br />
<br />
Given the reversal of our seasons, Cabcraft, I'm trying to decide what month would be late autumn for you! Miracles can be done with potted plants and special plantings-- this coming from a landscape architect! I'm sure it will be gorgeous.

I think that I shall never be a thing as lovely as a tree.<br />
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Our mimosa trees are blooming now. One of my favorites.

Snap! Datura, that's lovely! I'm a bit challenged with the wedding it is in late Autumn!!! And her colours and theme don't actually go with the season terribly well, so I'll be doing lots of very careful, special planting and including lots of potted plants for the day. I can't wait! X@<br />
Bcj - :D X@

oh my! two of em talking to the trees. <br />
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Thank you Cabcraft. I have hundreds more of tree friends too that I did not mention-- the spruce and pines and concolor fir, the Quaking aspen and Oaks, the White birch and elms, catalpas, black walnuts, and fruit trees and so many more. <br />
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Last summer the trees formed the cathedral for my daughter's wedding. It was wonderful!

This is a beautiful story. I have hundreds of tree-friends on the farm where I live. They are all special and beautiful n their own way. My garden is somewhat overgrown now, and they all need a good prune, which is to be done very soon. I 'spose my favourites are the Australian Blue Gums we have planted everywhere as wind-breaks. They are tall and proud and gorgeous. But there are so many others.<br />
Next year the trees will be a canopy for my son's wedding ceremony and reception, and I am so happy about that! X@

Yes, Handy2iam. Oaks are wonderful listeners. Glad you have some in your grove of friends.

All my Oaks are my friends. When disgruntaled I go out and lay under them and they give me a good listening too.

Your trees are dear friends to me, Sisiter :)<br />
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We are having the same Lake Effect today. I was looking at the snow covered trees outside the window and came here to look at " Love trees" stories. Found this one :)

Thank you, Sister! Wow, almost a year since I wrote this story and now you have met my special trees!<br />
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Today we are having a Lake Effect snowstorm and my trees are reaching to heaven with arms covered in snow. They are very beautiful.

Just love this story and every tree in it :)

Yes, they are wonderful creatures, Citlaly!Thank you for your joyous comment!


Thank you Syndala! like your parents, I now have many mature trees in my yard that I have planted since I bought the house-- many flowering trees, shade trees, birches,and specimen evergreens. <br />
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<br />
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AS time passes you will marvel over the growth of your new trees, and have special memories associated with them, too.<br />
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Isn't it wonderful!

Wonderful story! <br />
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Apart from the woods, which are about 200 yards away from the house, my yard is pretty bare of trees. Last year (our first summer here) we planted 6 willows, 10 hybrid willows, a weeping cherry, a flowering crab, 3 poplars and 11 hedge poplars. <br />
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I hope to plant more this year as well as start a small herb and vegetable garden. It is so difficult because we are on a shale deposit and there is not much dirt over it so very often when we dig we run into solid rock within 6 inches of the surface. I am looking forward to what It will be like in 10 years or so, but right now it is still so empty looking.<br />
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I remember what my parents yard looked like when I was very small, before my Dad planted the many trees that are there now. The yard is now well shaded with maples, pines, birch, crabapple, and even a couple of beautiful red maples. And I too have a tree that was planted for me the year that I was born. It is a white pine (I think) and is now almost 50 ft tall!

That's amazing to think about, isn't it. And it even echoes the statement that's applied to so many things in metaphysical and spiritual studies-- "As above, so below."

I'm familiar with the thorned variety...OUCH! This one is a sunburst, and is, thankfully, thornless!