The Comfort Of Trees

When I was a little girl, we moved into a house with peach trees in the backyard and a little willow tree out in front. I spent countless hours playing under the biggest of the peach trees and telling my troubles to the willow tree.
When I was seven and my father did something that devastated me, I ran out to the tall trees at the back of the yard and sobbed beneath them. That was one of many times I’ve turned to trees for comfort. I’ve read that trees absorb our pain and sorrow and send it down through their roots into the Earth. I don’t know if that’s true, but I love them and I can feel their love for me and it comforts me.
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3 Responses Dec 28, 2011

funny you mention both willows and peaches... my father planted a seedling of each when I was a kid and tended them like his babies. weeping willows have always been a favorite of mine, and there aren't many in the area where I live... your title, the comfort of trees, brings to mind a piece of music by enya called the MEMORY of trees

I have some McKennitt albums in my storage unit (where just about my whole life is), but I don't think I have that song.

My daughter took a picture of my favorite tree and had it enlarged and fr<x>amed for me this Solstice, it is over my mantle now. <br />
What a comfort it is to see the lovely tree each morning as I light my candles. Thank you for your powerful story. Blessings and tender care. HBC

I do think it's true! I've spent many hours healing a deep pain underneath the graceful boughs of a willow.