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I Have Always Loved Trees....except For One.

As I grew up my young life was defined by trees. They were my landmarks and playgrounds and just familiar things in my life. They have always remained so.

However there was one tree that used to scare me as a young child. It was about half a mile from home and I would see it from the bus every time I went to my grandparents.

It stood on the skyline about one field back from the road. It was just a tall stump and two stubby branches in a vee shape. It was long since dead even then. I called it the Meema tree (no, I don't know why either). I suppose it was a sad sight, not like other trees I knew. Perhaps that it was why it scared me.

One day we went past and it wasn't there any more. I was relieved, but in a strange way missed it.

Some time later, probably at about the age of seven - I'm not really sure. I went blackberry picking with my mum. As we worked our way along a particular hedge, we came across a fallen tree stump. I knew straight away it was the Meema tree.

I wasn't scared of it then but I was so glad I had seen it and recognised it.

It is insignificant really but it must have had a big impact on me as I still remember it clearly some 40 years on.
keymallard keymallard 46-50, M 1 Response Apr 4, 2012

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Black walnuts always scared me. If I walked under one it would drop a nut on my head. If I didn't rake good enough before mowing those nuts would shoot out and take out an eye. And then if you want to eat them you practically have to destroy them with a hammer to get at the meat. I have nightmares about black walnut trees.