The Only Way Home

The leaves have sprung back on the trees and once again I find joy driving a special road near my house. The branches overhang the road for a half mile, making a wonderful tunnel of green. I think life is found in the glittering specks of sunlight that twinkle through the leaves.

I take this road all summer and feel it is a sacred part of my day. Autumn, winter, spring, each season is magical in a different way. And this is my favorite drive, especially in summer. I find excuses to pass this way almost everyday and it is the way that I come home after work although a few other routes would be quicker.

It recharges my spirit and lifts my soul. If I lived on this stretch of road, I would never leave the house! Just sit under these grand trees and lose myself in all that the earth has to tell me. When I listen and pay attention to small things like this, they can overwhelm me with their beauty.
dragonflypoet dragonflypoet
31-35, F
May 5, 2012