The Hag

If you really look at trees, I mean really look you can almost feel there character. Its usually their beauty that overwhelms me. Sometimes I find myself smiling as I pass them while driving.
The ones that really get my attention are the old hag types.
They apear to be dead, no leaves, gnarles and twisted limbs, they are the most precious for you will find they are full of life and wisdom if you care to stop and admire. The hag tree has a story if you care to listen

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Lived in Nevada. Like to go hiking in the mountains. They have Bristlecone Pines. All knarled and dwarfed by wind & weather. Might only be 10 ft. tall but 1500 yrs old. Now that's a Tree!!

wow, some trees are so mighty and majestic! In New Zealand I came across a tree that was so big it took 12 adults joining hands to reach right around it. The sign before it stated the tree was a seedling at the time of Jesus!!

You from New Zealand? Awesome! You like trees? Google *California Redwoods*..... Trees so big you can drive a car through the tree...........:-)

No I was visiting New Zealand.
I have pictures of those amazing redwoods in one of my National Geographic mags. It is something like a 6 page fold out of this most giant of trees! incredible!

1/24/13 A quick update:. No Luck Locating A Tree That Magnificent Looking Yet!!!!

they are out there, you just might find one off the beaten track somewhere !

True, True!!!!!

I'll keep you posted!!!

Yall Have Some Awesome Trees Down Under In The Bush, For Real!!!!!!!

that was beautiful... I too love trees, but usually the ones with leaves (especially in their autumnal glory). I'll try to notice the Hag tree driving to work tomorrow...

they are beautiful every which way, thier scars and unique marks show their history and battles with the elements. Stronger the winds the stronger the trees :)

i listen all da time. nature speaks volumes, teaches much and makes us happy as...

you have the old ancient ones on your doorstep :)
the Kauri

What A Beautiful Tree. Only In The Land Of OZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!

it is beautiful. these trees are everywhere in the world tmajor. You just have to look for them!

Maybe you have one in an abandoned lot or open field

True, True!!!!!!!!!