I Love Trees!

I love trees, especially big trees, trees that give shade!  I love magnolia trees with their big creamy flowers.  I love the cherry trees in Washington DC when they are bursting with blossoms.  I love huge oaks with acorns for the squirrels and towering pines full of cones.  I had a tree in my yard that I sat in to read when I was little.  Trees need to be climbed - it makes them feel loved!   Save the trees!  We need the oxygen! 

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4 Responses Feb 15, 2009

I too love trees. Most likely my favorite beings on the planet.

No, I havent :) - I will check it out next time Im giving one a hug :)

"Trees need to be climbed - it makes them feel loved!". I bet it does too! Certain trees just beg to be climbed :)<br />
<br />
Yup, they are all beutiful, the big ones, the iddy biddy ones and every one in between :)

Big trees are beautiful :D