Oh, How I Love Trees!

I love trees so, so much. I love redwoods and sequoias and maples that turn colors in the fall. I love giant towering oaks. I love the look of streets with an overarching canopy of tree branches above them. I love the shade and tranquility of old growth forests. I love the twisted trunks of coastal live oaks and the smell of blue gum eucalyptus leaves, both of which remind me of home. I love birches with their peeling bark and the cool shade of weeping willows. I'm probably crazy, but one of the reasons I agreed to live in Minnesota was because of the abundance of trees. I can't imagine living anywhere where there wasn't a lot of them. Sure, prairies are beautiful with their tall, waving grasses, and the beauty of the desert when it's in bloom is nothing to sneeze at. But for me, there's nothing like lots and lots of trees. They just make me feel so much more peaceful. There's a quietness among the trees, a serentiy, a unique spirit of place. There's something almost meditative about walking through forested areas and feeling the leaves crunch under your feet and hearing the sound of the leaves blowing in a light breeze. It's restorative and good for the soul.

Slackajawea Slackajawea
36-40, F
Mar 5, 2010