Motivating My Lazy Arse

I haven't done a tri in 18 months. Late 2011 I started a new job and haven't had any vacation time except for a couple of floating holidays. Used one to go to Kauai and do the Kauai Marathon in Sept and was signed up for the Honolulu Marathon. Training all year for Kauai I got burnt out while training for Honolulu. My runs and bikes have been sporadic and swims almost non-existent.
As the new year begins, it's time to wipe the dust off my goggles, lube the chain and put on some fresh socks. I got an oly coming up in March and a whole lot of holiday snacks to work off. I won't be in peak form by a long shot but sometimes I need to get a race under my belt to remind me why I like it so much. I got out my trainer for those late nights at work when I don't have enough daylight to hit the streets. I spoke to my masters coach who told me to just stop by for some freebies (gotta love that price). As for running, well that's the easy one which I have no problem with.
The new year also comes with a new birthday which my body keeps reminding me about. It gets harder to climb out of bed at O-Dark-Thrity and still perform well at work. I think I will take one of my holiday pictures (one with a belly roll) and use it as my "before" shot. Then snap another in a month or two to see my progress.
Until then, keep your hips up, the rubber down and your nose over toes. Hope everyone has a great year racing (unless your in my AG).
TriJohnny TriJohnny
51-55, M
Jan 8, 2013