I freakin LOVE this Anime. Its funny in parts, its amazingly cool in others, and, lets face it girls, Vash and Wolfwood are damn hot! And they can shoot like you wouldnt believe.

Anyone else a fan of Trigun?? Let me know!

FreeSpirited FreeSpirited
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3 Responses Jul 26, 2007

lol Lucid, I agree... they got really annoying... But Vash wolfwood and knives make up for it I think.. My favorrite section of the show is when the drifter comes into town and carves Knives into the fountain!! Thats when the show picks up and gets really good I think.

yeah... I'm a fan, watched the entire thing in two days! LOVE Vash,, didn't care much for the girls though...

Trigun was good, I wasn't as much a fan of the comedy as I was the rest but it was all around good.