All Three Holes Used!!!

May 18, 2012 was a very hot and erotic night. It started of with my getting dressed In a nice outfit. To start with I put on a leather thong and a leather bra that has a rhinestone ring between my breasts, then I put on apair of my fishnet stockings that have vinyl tops. Then I picked out oneofmy shortestblackleather skirts, and then put on a black leather vest that has a zipper up the front and a buckle at the waist. To finish it off I put on my black thigh high boots. I looked in the mirror and darkend my mascara and put on afresh coat of lipstick then unzipped my vest just low enough to show off just a glimpse of my rhinestones and my leather bra. I grabbed my purse and headed out with my man for happy hour and dinner about 6:00. As soon as he saw me his eyes traced me up and down, then he grabbed me close and said, " Isn't it a little hot for leather tonight?" I replied, " I guess I am dressed a little warm." Then I proceeded to unzip my vest all the way down to my navel and said, "At least this will make me a little cooler...."

We had a great dinner and the drinks were really flowing. We finished up around 8:00 and headed back to our place. I was already feeling naughty and let my hand wander up his leg as he drove home. I said, "Mmmmm you are really ready forme right now ..... Well you wil need to wait awhile." He put his strong hand on my knee and slowly slid it up my thigh till he reached the top of my stockings. With each passing moment his touch was making me wetter and wetter. He reached the bottom hem of my skirt which was no more than a couple of inches from my now very wet ***** lips. Then his fingers traced overmy leather thong and he said, "Wow, even you panties are leather tonight."

We got home and I wanted to watch a movie. He had other ideas but i insisted saying, "Why dont you go get a bottle of winefor us to drink?" he finally gave in and fetched a bottle of wine and put on a movie. We finished the move an most of the bottle of wine by about 11:00. I was really feeling excited now and said, " Why don't you clean up and meet me down in our bedroom in five minutes." like a little puppy dog he's hook his head as I stood up and strutted across the room as he watched me.

I mademy way downstairs to the bedroom, turned on some music, turned down the lights, and went in the bathroom to touch up my makeup, swinging my hips to the sound of the music. He came in the bathroom and approached me. I quickly turned around and told him to go to the bedroom and wait for me. I was so wet and feeling so loose I had no idea what was going to happen. After he left the bathroom I turned and strutted to the doorway and stood there and said,"Are you ready for your dance?" I didn't even wait for an answer and began to dance in e doorway as he was sitting on the edge of the bed looking at me. I was swinging my hips in a circular motion showing more and more as my skirt hem slid up with each giration and then showing the top of my stockings. I turned my back to him and continued to dance giving him a good look at how short my skirt really was. I turned and started to grind against the doorframe, wrapping my legs as much as I could around the doorway. I was sliding up and down really letting myself go....

I then walked over to him on the bed as I unzipped my skirt, as I go to him, I turned a slowly slide the skirt to my ankles as I bent down raising my *** in the air in front of him, as I glanced back with a devious smile. I then stood up and walked toward him. He immediately tried to grab me, to which I forcibly pushed him away and then pushed him back onto the bed. I quickly undid his belt and pulled it out of its belt loops, and unzipped his pant and devoured his very engorged **** down my throat. He let out a moan as I took it all in. I bobbed up and down on his **** as I unbuttoned his shirt. I then removed his shirt and pulled him off the bed now completely naked he was mine. I grabbed my double headed vibrator from my drawer, layed down on the edge of the bed in front of him and began to pleasure myself. I pulled him closer and rolled onto my side and again started to suck on his ****, stoking it with my free hand and teasing myself with the vibrator. I said,"I need some help down here." as I started to thrush my hips into the air Ina rhythmic motion to the music pounding on the stereo. He obliged me, and took the vibe from my hand and began to penetrate my drippin wet *****. I was having trouble getting all of his **** in my mouth as he was growing larger from the excitement. I repositioned myself and hung my he'd off the edge of the bed as he went down on me as well. I immediately got wetter as he started licking my ***** lips and penetrating me with the vibe. Now the second head of the vibrator started to penetrate my *** while at the same time he started to trusting deeper into my mouth and down my throat. I was being face ****** very deeply as I was being eaten out and penetrated in my ***** and *** by a vibrator as the first wave of the climax hit me. My back arched, my fists clenched the satin sheets and I moaned with a mouthfull of ****.

Sweat was dripping off us as he withdrew his **** from my mouth. I stretched to try touch on him more as I wanted to taste his *** and feel it in my mouth but my coordination had greatly diminished with the combination of the alcohol and e recent climax. He twisted me around while withdrawing the vibrator from me. He threw me up onto the bed and attacked me impairing my wet and very slippery ***** with his ****. It felt so good as I could feel him deep withing sliding in and out over and over again. Simultaneously he was positioning the large head of the vibrator at my backdoor. It slowly pushed into my *** as I was grinding on his ****. Over and over his **** slid in and out of me as the vibrator made its way all the way into my ***. I moaned loudly as I became fully impaled by him and the vibrator, then the second wave of a climax started to come over me as my muscles tightened around his **** pulling him deeper and deeper into me. I exploded In a second climax as I screemed like never before.

His pace never slowed as I climaxed. I was exhausted as he withdrew his **** and flipped me over. I looked over my shoulder at him and said Ina demanding voice,"**** my ***!" he quickly positioned his very hard and well lubricated **** at my back door and pushed in deeper and deeper as I grabbed the vibrator and slid it into my *****. His **** stretched my *** to its limits. I could feel his every thrust in and out of my *** over and over as I was grinding on the vibrator at the same time. I said, "Touch me,.... Touch me as you **** my ***"". His arms slid around my body touching my **** and pulley my body closer into him as his **** penetrated deeper and deeper. I was fully impaled in the *** by his **** and by the vibrator in my ***** as he played with my ****. His arms were so strong around me holding me tight pumping into my *** faster and faster as I moaned louder, and louder, saying," **** me, **** me, **** my ***..... Ohhhhhh... yes...Tess....YEEEESSSSSSSS! YEEEESSSSSSSS!" Then while feel his *** pumping into my *** as he continued to thrust in and out of me the third and final wave of an incredible climax came over me. His *** started to come out of my *** as he continued to pump me. He colapsed on top of me as we were both in total exhaustion and both fell asleep. We woke up later in a sticky mess of ***, embrased and kissed deeply.

It was another incredible evening!

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wow, super sexy story, hope you will add me

the way you wear that leather i would give you all the penetration you need an then some!!!

that's a great story - especially the bit about being impaled!

So pleased you had a great night and shared it with us... Would love to see a picture of you dressed up like that.... Would love to tease my husband the same way to see if we get the same results


very well written, loved it all...... so hot

So Hot, I once asked my wife if she ever ****** two guy's at the same time and her answer was......three

That is ******* awesome

WOW, I'd love to reenact that night but with a twist...

Hot, sexy story!!!!!

Wowsers! That's HOT! I'd would appreciate an add to your circle.


That was an amazingly incredible experience. And so hotly told. Wow!. Thank you for sharing that. Mmmmm...
I do love the fun you guys have.

Your Hubby is a very lucky man… Jim

Super hot story. Next you should try it with 3 men at once. I am sure there are 3 willing fans of your willing to try. As a fan I am sure everybody would like to see a pic or two of you playing with your toys. Thanks for the hot story.

Very hot story !! Thanks for the ****** !!

Wow ! quite the hot suck and **** session ! i like your style babe ! mmmm

Loved this story now time to jack off!!!

You are such an incredible giving and taking those of us that like to give and take...experience intensity to its fullest...incredible story..please keep sharing!!

Excellent! I'd love to help fill your holes.

wait until you have three real ***** in all your **** holes....

Mmmm... would love that... That is one of my Fantasy's!!!

so nice - please add

Delight ful story, but where is the third hole?

Nice one

very well wrote you sould write books made me very horney thank you!

Wow so sexy !!! Loved the story !!!

WOW ! What a sexy hot lover you ! id love to see and hear more ! growl ! damn baby ! oh yEAH ! GROWL !

WOW, made me wet!

made my **** hard stroked it good

made my **** hard