In This Still Life , Heart Beats Up Love

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I've still got the original single I bought ... the light pours out of me ... Magazine ... aaahhh memories

I've been listening to Secondhand Daylight and Correct Use Of Soap for the last two days.... :)

******* EXCELLENT! I just love genuin characters doing their thing well, and that was classic! Why isn't this a big hit that everyone knows? Seems like sometimes people just can't see real art

They were never that big because they were on an independent label and never sold out. This track , A Song From Under The Floorboards and Shot By Both Sides were their biggest hits. Check out the album The Correct Use Of Soap , a masterpiece.

I'll definitely check it out

Just had to watch it again. Love the way he sort of walks off do do something else while he's not needed!

Howard Devoto.....he was always a bit 'strange'. :)

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