They Really Are That Good!

My first m/c was a '59 Triumph Tiger. I was the only that could start her and the only one that understood her but we shared an understanding and that's all it took to experience the extraordinary.

Today I ride an '03 Triumph Bonneville America. Yes... they're back and better than ever! They are from a high frequency as far as things go, and denote discernible solidarity. And as it so happens, they are very well made and handle like a dream. So, a dream it is. When I ride my bike through the mountainscape of what I call 'my own back yard' (I live in the mountains you see) I am gone to another place. The focus and discipline of the ride transforms my consciousness to a higher frequency as I push the envelope and exert my intent upon body and machine. It's a graceful expression of trust and dignity all rolled into one. And with that comes gratitude which is in the end shared with bliss. Yeah, it's that good!!

Triumph... (I mean even the name here folks raises the bar, don't ya think?) is such a glorious way to go. These bikes are the exception nowadays.... yet still respected and regarded as bikes amongst bikes. They command respect and admiration wherever I go. They are fantastic ice-breakers in conversation and the topic of many a gleam in an old timer's eye. All I can say is I am blessed to ride a Triumph as part of my expression of appreciation for the human experience. I am a rider first, but I would feel lost and confused if I could not make a Triumph my ride of choice. If I ever add another bike to the stable... it will be another Triumph. They really speak to the soul. REALLY!

stickmanyogi stickmanyogi
56-60, M
2 Responses Dec 4, 2009

You posted this a long time ago, so I don't know if you will see my response here, but your words ring true as much now as then. They've stood the test of time and still being made as beautiful as ever! And fast? On a café run??? ... Eat your heart out Harley Davidson!!! Catch me if you can!!!!

I ride a 2011 Bonneville, it's my other love. Everywhere I go I get the question "Hey! What year is that?" It's a great machine and a dream to ride.