I Love You Like a Troll Doll Baby.

I love troll dolls.  Okay they are cute and adorable, but I used to get in trouble because I would tell my boyfriend I loved him like a troll doll.  He hated it but I just couldn't help myself.   I would tell him that several times a day.

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awe that was sweet.

My last roommates little girl liked mine alot so when I moved I let the little girl have them I figured she would put them to more use than I ever would

I still have mine.

I love trolls I had 2 when I was a kid but I had to hide them

LOL me.<br />
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Maybe you could make a doll out of my ex wife. She's a Troll.

He was very good looking but I loved my troll dolls and I loved him similar to them.

He didn't!!! He thought it was horrid lol and of course that made me do it more.

Yes, I've had mine since childhood as well and they are stll just as adorable and as much fun.

omg, troll dolls rock! i have quite a collection of these guys myself. i got most of them when i was 4-5, when they were "the thing" to have. i still love them just as much today, and my friends are impressed that i've kept my collection intact all these years!

LOL bad boy! I have at least 4 dozen. My favorite is wearing a policeman's uniform. He is on my desk in the office. I named him Imodie bc he had the uniform and I felt like he was watching over me like Odie used to as well.

How many do you have....? Troll dolls that is... lol