Just Walkin In The Rain

I walk every morning for my health. Setting out about 6 am. As an old fart I don't do anything over the top, merely 5 kilometres or so.

Tropical wet season is upon us. This morning I woke late, at about 6, because it was still dark, or almost, and raining gently which no doubt kept me snoozing blissfully. That's OK. The walk was still on.

After the usual cleaning of cage, and eye bug, wash of face, I set off, this time with umbrella in play.

It was so lovely. Without any worry about sun, which is usually the factor that drives me home, I walked on and on. I even stopped for a bowl of nooodle soup, a first. The rain was soothing and comforting. The smiles and greetings from my fellow walkers and curbside vendors, cheery as usual. It has stayed raining on and off all day and into the evening.

Another wonderful day of tropical wet season.
61-65, M
May 7, 2012