Our Worlds Economic Bloodline.

Imagine life without out truck drivers... It's a shame so many harp on these wonderful people, do they not realize what truck drivers are doing for us?
Our truck drivers are the only reason you can go to the store and get what you want, the only reason the grocery stores stay full, the only reason why everything is so convenient.

I believe truck drivers own the road first before any other driver, they are everything to us and the goods we use everyday, to why fuel is always available for your car.

I love what they do for me thus I love them!
dragonsteel dragonsteel
26-30, M
2 Responses Feb 14, 2012

truckers make the world go round !!!

It's true, we've a lot to thank these truck-drivin' sonofaguns for. Not an easy job -- all that driving, making the deliveries, the physical work of helping to change cargo trucks or rigs ... a lot to it.