Nice Way To Wake Up

I always wished I couuld have sent a nice thank you note to the young couple who passed me as I left L.A. several years ago.  I don't get to go to California much so it's a treat when I do.  Between the weather and pretty ladies, I always found reason to be in a good mood.  Especially this particular late January morning in 2005.

I was heading back east after a week awaiting freight, trying to get to an Arizona pick-up before close of business.  A car with the dome light on was overtaking me on I-15 a few miles south of Cajon Summit about 5 in the morning.  That time of day I'd never have expected to see much, so when the car slowed right next to me for a few seconds I almost missed the highlight of my trip....

On the passenger side was a beautiful little lady perhaps 5 ft 4 in., and 115 lbs with her dress up around her waiste, bucking in her seat, seemingly  delirious as the driver moved his hand between her legs in a way that suggested he could have had several fingers inside her. She was nearly a foot off the seat and going rigid as they pulled away.  I tried for 10 minutes to find them again but my old truck just wouldn't go that fast.

Needless to say, I was fullly awake by then!  If this sounds familiar to anyone out there....I just want to say thank you.  Days and weeks away from friends and family tend to wear on a person and few things warm the heart and stir the loins like a nice live erotic  show on the road.

I don't run as many miles as I used to in the freight business as I'm now in a more tech oriented job but I always look for a good show when I'm out there...God bless you guys!
cuckstarter cuckstarter
46-50, M
May 11, 2012