Hot Yellow Car

I travel for work along the NYS thruways quite a bit. My car is getting older, so depending on how far away the destination is, I may rent a car to avoid putting extra miles on it, and to get better gas mileage. This trip was in early May 2012, and was far enough away for me to stay overnight at a hotel and to get a rental car. Being a procrastinator, I waited until the last minute to call and reserve my rental car, thus the only choice available was a bright yellow economy car with no cruise control. Ugh! At least it had a CD player and a plug for my ipod.

I left home late morning wearing dark slacks, low heels, and a deep purple, v-neck blouse. The blouse has lots of ruching on the shoulders, and the satiny fabric sweeps down from each side, crosses at the bottom and is stitched down into the waistband. It also has a fake tank top underneath (like a little bib) to prevent wardrobe malfunctions since the v-neck ends at the waistband.  I love this blouse because I can wear it without a bra and unless I'm really cold or running, it's difficult for others to tell.  I do plan to cut that bib out one day too, then i'll have another story (or ten) to share.  It is such a turn on for me to be out in public with no bra, i do it almost every time i take a car trip, and this one is no exception.  Ok, enough background, off i go on my adventure...

I'm driving, got my tunes on, and I'm already horny on this trip (spent too much time away from home this month).  I pulled over at the very first rest stop to go and get some coffee and see if i can show off for anyone.  I park far away from the entrance and head in.  The wind picks up and blows my v-neck blouse wide open - thank goodness for that little bib or there really would have been a show.  I make a mental note and otherwise uneventfully get my coffee.

Back in the car, now I'm driving and thinking and still horny - bet you all are thinking, "great combination," right? LOL! What if the wind had exposed my ****??? What if I expose them right now while i am driving??? Hmmmm...Oh, the thrill and the risk that i might be seen was too much for me to resist.  I started with one, sliding the bib over one way and the ruching over the other way.  With my *** peek-a-booing out, I drove like this for a bit and thought, "unless someone is really paying attention, no one is going to notice anything."  I slid one arm out of the blouse and up through the top and i looked ridiculous - like I was wearing a bad toga.  And the seat belt was really ruining my look.  Actually, so was the blouse.  I slid the other arm out and the blouse was around my waist.  Much better!  I had never driven like this before.  "Am I really topless?"  If you saw me in my car, that is how I would have looked.  Quickly i learned how to strategically place my arms when cars were passing.  Then i realized, i could let the guys look.  And what about the truckers?  I love truckers!  I really wanted them to look.  Then the fun began...

I had never flashed anyone before, but this was so much fun!!!  Staying in the right lane, i drove with my hands at 10 & 2 on the steering wheel, elbows purposefully bent, sunglasses on, tunes playin', a/c blasting.  I very much liked the risk, the freedom, and then the moment when the truck passing me slowed down to line up with my window.  The first couple of times, my cheeks flushed hot pink, my hands were sweaty and trembling as i consciously removed my left arm from the steering wheel. I played leap frog with a couple trucks, passing them, then they passed me, not having cruise was really a pain in the butt, but i was getting the hang of it.  One trucker in particular was hanging on, and really kept sticking with me, hmmmm.  I was getting braver and i checked to see if he was really looking, and he really was checking me out.  What a rush!!! LOL, wow that was such a turn on.  He was even looking in the side-view mirrors and doing his best to keep pace with my car, but I was too shy to do anything but just drive.

That one trucker stayed right with me for at least an hour.  It was not creepy, actually it was kind of reassuring to know i wasn't alone, and then i figured, if he was that interested, I suppose I could up the ante a little and give him a reward.  Makes sense right?  I actually got quite comfortable after driving topless for that hour; no cops, lots of trucks, very wet and extremely horny, and so began to touch myself on my next trip past him.  Left hand on the steering wheel, I cup my right *** with my right hand, using my thumb and index finger to play with my nipple.  Breathing through my mouth, a tiny sound catches in my throat and my back arches slightly as i steady the car next to his window.  My heart was pounding so loudly and I could barely breathe as the reality of the scene I was in hit me - this man that i do not know can see my ****, see me caressing, pulling and pinching my hard nipple while i am in public, driving along a busy highway at approx 70mph, and he is watching and trying to see.  And i wanted him to see.  Oh wow, how i wanted him to see everything!!!  I remember feeling lightheaded and then speeding up to get past him.  I kept speeding away from him until i could figure out what was happening and what i was feeling. I felt like a balloon that could be popped by the slightest touch.  Holy ****, if i had been next to that man, any man, at that moment, i would have been completely his and at his mercy.  I was trembling and breathing hard, but not from fear - from the anticipation of doing it again.  I slowed down so he could catch up.  With him on the left side of my car, i did the same thing again on my left side and hoped he had a better view since i was next to the window.  I was able to stay next to him a little longer this time (haha maybe a minute) before slowing down so the people behind him wouldn't get pissed (new yorkers get pissy if they can't speed and pass).  Again, i could see him looking at me in his side-view mirror as he passed, and then i got onto the end of the train of cars that were waiting to pass him.  No other cars mattered.  No other trucks mattered.  I wanted him to see what i was doing and how i was feeling, oh so sexy, hot, and bothered, because of him.

We passed each other several times more before i needed to stop and use the restroom.  I figured i would pull over and run in, then speed up to catch him when i came out.  I was absolutely shocked and frightened out of my mind when i saw him pull off the road after me.  I had not at all considered that maybe i should let him pass me, then pull off at the rest area.  ****!  Just remember, i am brand new to this!!!  Holy **** **** ****!!!  What the freak am i going to do?  I really have to pee!!!  Damn bright yellow car - i could not hide or "blend in" in the parking lot.  I had no shirt on, so had to park away from the other cars...**** **** **** UGH!!!  Then my heart was pounding in fear, i had a lump in my throat, and i was completely flushed (which i could see cuz i had no shirt on).  I got my shirt on fast as hell.

He parked his truck close to the building.  I watched him get out (not a bad looking dude, not that i was looking cuz i wasn't).  He looked over at my car and I pulled out my phone and pretended to call someone or be listening to voicemail.  Please go inside, please go inside, please go inside and stop looking at me! OMgosh, do NOT walk over here!!!  I am an idiot, a gigantic idiot... YES - he is going inside.  I took a huge breath.  Luckily, i actually did have some voicemails to listen to, and a couple text messages to reply to, so busied myself with that for a few minutes.  He came back out.  He kept looking at my car.  He got in his truck.  I could feel him looking at my car.  He drove away.  I did not follow.  I got out of the car and ran inside to pee, hallelujah!!!

Wow, what a lesson, what a rush, what a fantastic time.  I was breathing normally again when i got back to the car.  So, the next time would definitely need a little more thought and planning, especially when getting close to my destination. I knew i would definitely do it again, I would just be more careful the next time, right?  Right!  Got my hot little yellow car back on the road, back up to speed, and slid my arms right back out of those sleeves...
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Love that story!

What a sexy story! Well done you!

An amazing experience, and great descriptions of how it made you feel as you went through it. Felt like I was in the car with you!

Truckers obviously live for this kind of stuff, but I think you'd be pleasantly surprised by how accomodating most would be with whatever "rules" you wanted to place on any face-to-face interactions. Tell him you're just into showing off and don't mind if he follows, but you're not into hooking up. Obviously, be safe and make sure any stops you make are in public, well-lit, populated places. Loved hearing how much of a thrill it gave you to show off!

Hot story i love it i'ma trucker and i haven't being that lucky i do have seen a lots of panties when the girls drive with short skirts nice story it made me horny

You put on one hell of a show - must have given him his monthly bonus

I drove truck for 10 years and never got so lucky as your trucker. I closest I came to another naked driver was a dude wacking off on I-70 in Ohio. Not what I was hoping I would love to drive you up & down the interstate while you teased the truckers. Keep up the great attitude, just BE CAREFUL!

Mmm. Sexy girl

i really wish i drove a truck for a living ;)

Wish I was one of those lucky Truckers

MA is just next door...

I am over in the Boston side of the state. Have not been over in New York on the Thruway quite a while

wow! just wow!!

Wish I was driving on that highway. Love to see a good show from a pretty woman...
Would even give you one back

Great story!!! Turns me on! Wish I could have been riding with you.

wow :D
sexy and amazingly daring story

Thanks cutie Dave!

np im just shocked you did it lol

I so love this story. ;) just saying!

I hope you come to CA to drive sometime. I log a lot of miles in my pickup

great story i am always looking at the cars passing me for open minded ladies as yourself

You made my day! I used to drive truck and most truckers are on the lookout for open minded women like you. I also met a few women truckers who felt left out so when I drive long distance I often give them a show. Great story!

awww, thanks!

Nothing like a little sexy drama. I am glad it turned out OK for you.

Very sexy story about a woman who got horny and carried away. I loved it.

lol, thanks! :o)

Very hot! Nothing is better than a naughty little exhibitionist!

Hee hee! I agree! :o)

Nice story

thank you! :o)

I propose that in honor of the re-election of Our President you should celebrate with an extended flash for all of us or at least those of us who voted for him, and a double flash for me for voting for him in a Battleground state, Battle Born Nevada

Topless in Canada is legal. I will sponsor you to join us. :)

Except you never see it.:(
Perhaps Michelle could change that way of thinking for us.

It's legal here too. Women just want the option to be there. We like to know that we can, if we want, be topless in public.

Men do too. :)

Oh to be one of your valiant road knights just to play along and make you feel like the hottie you are! The jousting back and forth had to have been a rush. You should have rewarded him with a flash of closely manicured honey pot.

now that had to be a real fun you do more of them......

i do love your writing. IT;s real (not I mounted his 10" ****) funny and erotic. I am also a man with a more than keen interest in nipples, particularly erectimpressive nipples.. Good on you fo sharing this exploit!

awww, thanks! :o)

I could feel your excitement as I read this. It sure turned me on!
I drive a small cube van for a living and I keep waiting for the day that I see a woman like you driving by.

cube van, huh??? hmmmm....

Yep, no windows in the back at all.;)

Hot, girl!

thanks mama! :o)

I think you need a driver, it's a lot safer and the trucker is right next to you so you can pinch both nipples and stay safely on the road

Hmmm, and I bet you know the perfect man for the job, don't you? LOL

Without a doubt!!! :)

Great story.... Am sure you've learn from the mistake,lol.....

Great story, and quite a step into the wild side. Imagine that deep purple wrap top looks beautiful clinging to your breasts, though am certain the view is much better when it slips off your shoulders. mmmm Oh to have been on 87 that day. Maybe post a photo of you in that top? ;)

Brill story! You're quite daring aren't you?
Go careful though hun x

aye aye capn! :o)

BRAVO!! Five Stars! OMG what a wonderful story. Exactly what I've waited for. I can't wait to re-read this later, alone... in the tub. Rock on, Shel... just rock the **** on!!! :-)

thanks Blue!!!

Great story, and yes a big step. Thanks for sharing.

Ohhhhh . . . how naughty of you.

Palisades Parkway?

So, is this a big enough step???

You and I both don't think so.

What's like to see a stranger's smile? Did your nipple react to their admiring glaces?