I'm A New Fan And I Am Addicted!!!

I never thought I’d continue watching True Blood much less write a story about it.
When I first started watching it, I thought nahhh this is stupid, the people don’t seem all that smart, the southern accents sound so fake and
really a town in the south where vampires exist with non vampires. Ok, please…give me a break!!
Well I decided to watch Season 1 and the more episodes I watched I slowly started to become addicted to it. I downloaded episodes to my IPOD touch and watched them on the plane on my way to Mexico. I have moved on to Season 2 and have learned Season 3 starts in June! OMG I have to catch up.
I am really enjoying this ‘campy; show and all of its unigue quirks… if you haven’t watched it or are on the fence I highly recommend it.
As my friend HippieSamurai says “It’s the Twilight version of ****”..
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18 Responses May 19, 2010

thebliss- its so addicting! I have not read the books but I cant stop watching the show if I wanted too : )<br />
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misstressroxy- I love surprises:)... This show got on my nerves at first, no I cant get enough of it!

I am finishing book 3 as season 3 ends... I absolutely loved season 1, 2 was ok, 3 is off the hook... They have kept the series just enough different from the books that you have a few surprizes along the way.

I've read all the books too...<br />
<br />
sad or what?

I'm jealous girl! LOL

Loved the show tonight!!!!

lovinghim4eva- you got it!! I feel the steam already girlfriend :)

Girlfriend...I love Bill and Sookie to death...but Eric...mmmm....I am sooo with you there.....lol<br />
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We need to be messaging each other Sunday night when that boy is on TV!! Best comment wins...lmao

Pumpkin- thanks so much for your comments! I agree there is something so bad boy edgy about Eric. Don't get me wrong I like Bill and I find him very attractive, but I think part of that is due to the fact he is so protective and loving about Sookie. But Eric...ummm now that's some hot stuff!! LOL <br />
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I do love the show and I like you will be watching it from the internet. I don't have HBO I get Showtime but there are 2 series there I watch and like as well: Nurse Jackie and Secret Diary of a Call Girl. <br />
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I cannot wait til Season 3 of True Blood starts, I am impatiently waiting!!

lovinhin4eva- I just watched the last episode of Season 2 last night so I more than ready for Season 3. I am so addicted to this show it isn't funny. I love Bil and Sookie but I am kind of diggin' on Eric too :)

I am fricking ADDICTED to that show...omg....Sookie and Bill.....awwww

Hippie- you are AWESOME baby!! And you were BANG on regarding this show. I am so glad I kept watching.. I am gonna try and watch Season 2 this weekend so I can be all caught up!! <br />
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Your quote was amazing!! Who can turn down the **** version of Twilight ? LOL

I fell in love with this show as soon I got done watching the first episode! At first I was like you. I didn't know what to make of the absurd atmosphere of the show. But the more I watched it, the more I realized that it was unique & very entertaining! All of the characters are great & I can't wait for season 3!<br />
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It really is the **** version of Twilight...lol<br />
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Thanks for quoting me, baby :-)

It's easy to get hooked on FG ...even if you fight it!! LOL

I couldn't even think about watching it but then I had to see what all the hype was about and now I am hooked lol.

mtvlm- So how was season 2? I have only seen 1 episode so far. I cant wait til the weekend :)

Downloaded both seasons 1 and 2 and watched it with the lady that got me hooked on it... June 13th is the kick of for season 3.... Can't wait...

wisiwig- thanks so much for your comment! I sometimes cant go a day without watching this show :)<br />
I love it!!

Oh God Yes! I love True Blood - it's like reading trashy novels. Just brilliant. Unfortunately in the UK we are way behind you. Still our happy trashy secret!