So What Is Sookie?

That seems to be the big question this season. I don't read vampire books and don't usually watch vampire movies, but True Blood is quirky and has me hooked. Maybe someone more immersed in the genre has an idea?
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A very interesting plot twist, Bill turning out to be a bad guy.

I think they will end up together coming 4th season. Bill is a **** for what he did Sookie.

Well, the way the third season ended, it wouldn't be hard to imagine her deciding to be with Eric rather than Bill. Nothing like having a boyfriend set you up to be beaten half to death to cool your feelings!

yup Definatly a "Fairie', But shes only about an 1/8 or so, i think it was saisd in the book? but still enough to be d "Totally Delish"t o a vampire,<br />
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Read the book's!!! if you are an "eric' lover anyway as the books "differ" to the t v, in the end.... (spoiler alert...) let's just say she's not with bill :) :)

It's a stretch to be sure.

wat does Obama have to do with this post

Thinker, did you have to bring Obama into it?<br />
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I'm pretty sure Sookie's cracker family didn't know that particular meaning when naming her.

AFAIK, a "sookie" is a generic term of endearment for a female democracy-fighter in Myanmar. Gets Nobel Peace Price _before_ Obama.

oh yea maryann was a tuff one to figure out but she also grossed me out with the eating hearts and stuff eww just plain nasty

It was lot easier than figuring on that what's-her-name was a maenad. I had never heard the term before!

Im thinking she might be a fairie based on what I saw on sunday they just gave it away whit that. I have been trying to figure that out since season two. i am definately sure she is a fairie

You know--I was thinking that might be the answer, even with my limited knowledge of mythological creatures.