Trueblood Getting Intense

Trueblood is getting very intense and gruesome but I love it all the more. I thougt last season was better but recently this show has just become more and more intense making this season way better then last season. What I still dont get is how is Bill able to walk in the day now is it because of sookies blood. It makes me sad to see that Bill and Sookie isnt together I think they make the greatest couple. I think they should get back together. But then again I got upset when Bill almost killed Sookie last episode.

This show is just AWESOME!!!!!!!!!
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hahah so tru stromood

lmbo wow I never realized how much fans this show has

Nope SurvivingLyf, you are not the only one. Check out the hbo web site and you can see interviews from the characters. This show attracts all ages. Every person that I suggested the show to, loves it. Its like candy.... you can't have just one... Or.. in this case, just watch one show... :)

and here i am thinking I am the only that cant wait for Sunday's . This is the only day of the week that I look forward. I'm just completely hooked on this show cant get enuff of it. I hopw they get back together tho. =]

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I agree with your. I am not typically drawn to this type of show, but the writing is amazing and they push the limit on all aspects of the show. I personally love the character Eric. He is my favorite. Can't wait for Sunday nights :)