I Confess My Guilty Pleasure .... And I Love Every Second Of It =-d

Okay I started seeing this series with some trepidation ,  though I was curious,  I thought with all the vampire spin offs, I was expecting the same twilightism to be present in this .. (no offense to the twilight fans intended)

OMG I was soo wrong .. I got hooked .. yep this certainly isnt anything I expected ..

The cliffhangers ..leave me screaming at my TV ...and stomping my bare feet on the floor , knowing I have to wait for next week to find out what happens to the main character as she is pinned to a wall screaming ..... dammit :(

However memo to self , never try to eat and watch this series .. it is pretty gruesome at times and the two just dont mix...

So there it is my confession ;  this is a guiltier pleasure for me than chocolate covered cherries topping off a hot fudge sundae...

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Yes, Bill is actually British. Jason is Australian... I missed watching it tonight. I have to wait till it plays again later tonight or.. download it. I just can't wait :)

omg thank you so much nature girl , I just saw some interviews, I didnt know the actor playing was british .. okay his hot meter went up a bit no?...=-D

Anything finding out about Eric :) I also like how he and Pam are together. I just know that after every time the show ends, I want more.... Trust me.. it takes a lot for me to settle down and watch tv... This show has me hooked :)<br />
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Check out the hbo website.. There is clips on there interviewing characters, etc... I check out the Canada website since I'm Canadian... But I am sure its on the American website too...

ohh yes ... I will be there to . ... hiding behind my fingers at the gross parts but not able to look away, I also love that is can still surprise me after so many episodes .. I still find myself gasping at each ending no ?... which was your favorite episode

My fav character is Eric too. I would love to have him nibble on my neck :) I never thought I would like this show either. I tend to stay away from shows like this. But the writing is incredible, the characters draw you in. Its dark, yet funny and strange at the same time. I also agree, its not a show that you can sit down with some munchies and watch. Especially if you get squeamish at the sight of blood. So you know where I will be Sunday night :)

Yep its sooo good scribs =-D yayayaya<br />
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Lastleafof fall ... I totally agree with you .. I truly did not think I could get hooked but I did !=-)<br />
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Yes evesharvest I remember eating a bowl of jello once episode an almost choking it didnt help it was cherry jello!=-D<br />
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ohhh snowy .. my fav is ERIC grrowwllll... bad boy that still has some redemming quality maybe , but still ruthless ...ohhh come on baby light my fire !

I love this show! I too was a bit apprehensive at first...but buy the 3rd episode I was fighting getting hooked :) I can now say without a doubt I am totally hooked. <br />
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I agree- you cant eat and watch the show... <br />
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So which character is your fav softkitti??

I have to agree that eating and this show don not mix! A guilty pleasure for me, too.

i love it so much too Sweetie..Thank you for hooking me to it as well :P i never thought i'd be so into it when i saw the promos really..