Lafayett Keeps Me Giggling

Gosh there are soo many charecters that are so loveable in true blood, it's kinda hard to NOT enjoy every second of the serie as well as the books...but for me lafayett stands out, wonder what the deal with jesus is, he looks suspiciouse to me and the kissing scenes they had made me hide my intireself under my bed sheets, i felt happy for lafayett and disguested at the same time, i'm sorry y'all but for me two people of same gender kissing each other or being sexual with each other is just too much over the top for me. but i do like lafayett when he was all this feminin gangster gay and still do, anywho i wanna say i still love him and i feel he is dissappearing in these past episodes of season three, i can't wait for the rest of true blood and season 4 !!!
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1 Response Aug 8, 2010

I've just gotten into it myself. It is really entertaining. I can never follow these series' to the end though, that's what annoys me. So I usually try not to get too much into em. I have to say though, once you start watching those types of programmes, it's hard to get out. Lol.

Spartacus is my guilty pleasure. I mean really guilty pleasure. Have you seen that?

well duuuh! a serie all about half naked hunks, of course i've seen it (maybe a little too much - but who's counting hehe) My guilty pleasure, which is actually borderlining fetish attraction is the dark(black) man with the whip(the one who manages them), i mean how cool, awesome and freakishly hot is he?... he makes me act all dumb and blond, seriously, lol... but i've only watched like season one, i haven't seen what happened after they've taken over ;p

Hahaha... So I take it you enjoy it then? Lol. You like the guy with the whip hah? I thought you said you weren't into BDSM, "Not my type of thing" I think were your exact words. Lol. It's okay, your secrets safe with me. :-) I never miss an episode of Spartacus. I love that it moves so quickly, the twists and turns are so unexpected, and the contrast between the heros and the villains couldn't be more clearer. It is a typical story of heroism. And the way they speak... I just LOVE it. Not surprised it was directed by the same guy who directed 300 because both films are EPIC!!!