To see a couple looking into each others eyes, and older couple that are walking hand in hand down the boardwalk, or to see a couple finishing each others sentences makes me smile.  When they confess it is true love makes me tear up.  I think we all want true love but may never get it.

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when u have patients, when u relise what is ur criteria of love, when u think about other not ur self then u find true love because it always out there waithing for coorect personality to fly with.


true love is when your souls are as one


I truly believe that there is a true love for everyone. Just be open and receptive for love and you will find it at the most unexpected place or time

yes, NUTZ I have adn it's a wonderfull place and everyone should experiance it

I have!! And it feels so good!

Have you never ever been drop dead head over heels in love?

I think that true love is out there, for each one of us, it's just a matter of believing in it, have faith and patience. Because when you believe it and you want it, there is nothing to stop you. Some people have a rocky road to go on love and some simply live a fairy tale.

:-) good thoughts.