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Over the past year, I've been trying lots of different alcoholic drinks.  I'm 21, and unlike many, I waited until legal age to start drinking alcohol.  Since my 21st birthday, I've been trying all different types of alcoholic drinks.  I was on an airplane bound for Las Vegas on my 21st birthday, and that's when I had my first alcoholic  beverage.  My mother had let me try wine before, but I had never really had a full drink.  Anyway, I saw wine on the drink menu, and since I knew I liked wine, I'd try some wine.  I ordered chardonnay.  It was pretty nice.  I liked its sweetness.

Since then, I've tried a few different beers, several mixed drinks, and even a couple hard liquors (rum and vodka).  I actually enjoy trying these different drinks not necessarily because I'm crazy about alcohol, as it may appear to some.  Although I do enjoy getting a nice buzz from alcohol, I'm definitely not an alcoholic.  I simply enjoy tasting the wide variety of alcohols and how they can be mixed.  I by nature love exploring things, especially when it comes to my sense of taste!  I love trying different ethnic foods too.

I tried a very interesting drink today that I discovered last night on YouTube.  As soon as I watched it on YouTube, I was like, "I wanna try that!"  It's a Mexican drink called a michelada.  It's very similar to a bloody Mary, but it uses beer instead of vodka.  There's different variations in recipes, but it's basically beer, tomato juice, lemon or lime juice, tabasco sauce, and soy sauce with salt around the rim of the glass.  The video on YouTube showed it in a variation of a margarita glass...almost similar to a sour glass, but the one I had today was in a HUGE beer mug.  Probably like 30 oz.  I didn't drink it all because I had to drive right after lunch.  It wasn't exactly what I was expecting.  For some reason, I was expecting it to be kind of sweet.  I'm not sure why because it contains no sweet ingredients.  Maybe it was just my perception because of the glass I saw it in on the video.  It was still good though.  I love anything with beer in is one of my favorite alcohols.  I was also expecting it to be spicier because of the tabasco sauce.  It wasn't spicy at all, so I put a drop or two of the habanero sauce sitting on the table in it, and that gave it the perfect kick.

Anyway, I'd say my favorite alcoholic drink would be either beer or margaritas.  I love tequila drinks.  I've never had straight tequila, but I like that pungent flavor it gives margaritas, and I also like the way it hits your system.  It doesn't take much to hit you, and as soon as it does, you definitely feel quite disoriented!  I think my next drink adventure will be a tequila sunrise...I don't know of any other tequila drinks besides that and margaritas.  I've also thought that tequila would probably taste good in a fruity, citrusy soft drink like Mountain Dew or Mello Yello since it does taste good in margaritas (which is in essence limeade) and orange juice.

Has anyone tried any really unique drinks that you would recommend?
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The mean getting drunk? I don't drink just to get drunk...I actually enjoy the refreshing taste and sensation of drinking a good quality, cold beer. I assume that's what you mean...or do you actually like the taste of PBR? If I just want to get drunk, I'd just as soon do shots.

Green label usually comes from the barrels closest to the floor, and is usually aged a bit less. It's a bit (barely) milder tasting, but about the same; also, it's cheaper.

What's different about Green Label Jack than regular Jack?<br />
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When it comes to tequila, I like Sauza. It's some crazy stuff though...just one shot and you start feeling dizzy!

To me, Grey Goose is extremely smooth, and has almost no taste, with only the faintest bit of a burn. If you don't really like vodka much, you'll probably not mind Grey Goose. Never tried Ciroc, though it sounds interesting. Grey Goose didn't go "straight up the nose", but, then again, not much will; I have seriously yet to find an alcohol that was undrinkably bad. Mind you, I could sit at the table and drink a glass of whatever liquor it is I'm having (Jack Daniel's green label is nice.) no problem, so maybe it's just me. I don't like tequila much, though (at least, I don't like Jose Cuervo). <br />
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Beer wise, yeah PBR is ****, but personally I hate Heineken more. Beer's kind of generic to me, so anything that isn't offensively bad is good enough (though good beer is better).

Hmm...I think I should ask them, "Do you know how to make a screaming ******?" rather than "I would like a screaming ******!" Then they would know what I was really talking about :-P

I don't know if the bar man would know about the screaming ****** cocktail but I got the recipe from a book I had for Christmas one year that came as a set with a cocktail shaker so I think it might be a popular one. Also I just did a search on Google and it found the recipe which is the same as it is in the book so I think they might, if you are brave enough!

PBR is gross. They had it on tap at a bar once, so I got it because it was cheap. Now I know why. Budweiser and Corona are great though. I've never tried Grey Goose before. The straight vodka I had was Ciroc. It wasn't like water at went straight up my nose! Does Grey Goose do that?

I suppose I'm sort of the opposite; I've tried many different types of alcohol, but not so much mixing them into drinks. I usually just drink whatever it is straight, even cheap vodka (Oddly enough, I don't really like Grey Goose; it's like drinking water.). As for beer, I haven't tried many different sorts, since my dad (i.e. the person I drink with) usually buys the same beer (coors light or PBR, yuck) every time. Personally, I have poor taste, as in I don't mind the cheap stuff, be it beer, wine, or whatever. My favorite beer would probably be steel reserve, but I must say that I like dos equis a lot.

That sounds good! I've heard of an ****** shooter, but not a screaming ******. Is it a common enough cocktail that bartenders would know how to make it? I would order it at a bar...I don't embarrass easily. If you think they would know, I think that may be my next drink adventure...after the tequila sunrise.

There's a cocktail call a screaming ******. Seriously, that's what it's called. The ingredients are one measure of each of:<br />
<br />
Vodka<br />
Amaretto<br />
Tia maria<br />
Amarula cream<br />
Cream<br />
Milk <br />
<br />
At Christmas I keep the ingredients in so I can make it for my friends and family. It's a fab cocktail and tastes well kind of like it's name actually lol. I'd never order it in a bar though, imagine asking the bar man for a screaming ******! I'd be too embarassed. :o)

Oh, I see what you mean. I was just specifying my favorite type of alcohol. Just like one may say they like tequila as opposed to saying they like Jose Cuervo.<br />
<br />
Anyway, to answer your question, I love Corona with lime juice. What about you?

Heh, I'm so clever ;-)

I love coconut too. Have you ever had coconut rum? It's good just by itself...better than regular rum. It's also good in Coca-Cola. Coconut and Coca-Cola actually make a really nice flavor combination! I think they should actually make Coconut Coke like they do Cherry Coke and Vanilla Coke. They could call it Coco-Coke.