It was the first thing I planted in my city garden. 

How big was my delight when in the spring they started to show up.  All of a sudden they were there, inches high hard green leaves peeking from the barren land, straight and stubborn in the late winter wind.  Then they seemed to hesitate for a while even to raising the question if they would flower and then they were there, the tulips wearing their silken turbans of red and white and purple and yellow. 

Them and the daffodils, heralds of the sunny season, I eagerly look forward to them...

I had the  privilege to see the tulips in the region where they originated.  Their wild ancestors in a big blue meadow near a salty lake in the desert of Central Asia, far off the beaten track, was one of the most profound experiences of my life.

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Thank you, Darlene.<br />
The meadow was a low hill, enveloped in a lilac mist of tiny tulips. The wild species is a lot smaller than the tulips we know. The stark blue sky mirrored in the lake. Nobody lived there. It was a very silent, very immaculate and untouched landscape and one of those rare places where nature rules without the interference of man. The famous silk road passed through this region and the tulip used it to conquer the world...sheer magic...

Wow! That is fantastic. I would love to hear more about the profound experience. Happy to hear your tulips bloomed just for you :-)