Go Forth And Tumbl

http://so-phucking-cute.tumblr.com/  ← that's mine

And here's a few that I love that I follow. =]

http://aplhentai.tumblr.com/  ← hentai rape goodness

http://dohorriblethingstome.tumblr.com/ ← So many things I think about all day every day are here in this blog (Totally NOT suitable for work)

http://www.tiefighters.com/ ← Pretty self explanitory, but it is star wars stuff. =]

http://giovi12.tumblr.com/ ← random good stuff/ punkish

http://lesbianswholooklikejustinbieber.tumblr.com/ ← umm... yep, lesbians who look like JBeibs

http://stepsandpirouettes.tumblr.com/  ← A ballet blog. =]

http://militarysoconfessions.tumblr.com/ ← military photos and quotes and such

http://justnerdgirlproblems.tumblr.com/ ← Problems every nerd girl understands

http://saveme-amazeme.tumblr.com/ ← Lots of pictures of cute couples and lovey stuff

http://emillinaballerina.tumblr.com/ ← Ballet dancer with a gorgeous ballet themed blog

http://whatbitcheslove.tumblr.com/ ← I'm a *****, and ******* love the what ******* love blog

http://femmefoxtrot.tumblr.com/ ← She's gorgeous, has a beautiful heart, soul and blog. And is getting married soon to a wonderful US Soldier. 

http://slytherin-*****.tumblr.com/ ← a friend I've had for years and years. I love her grungealicious blog

http://ville-noire.com/ ← One of the first blogs I started following. He blogs good ****

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May 22, 2012