The three branches of LauraDK: Facebook, EP and Tumblr.

Let's face it: Facebook has some flaws but overall it's the best social network to communicate with your friends, share your daily adventures with them, make plans to meet each other, etc. It's the place where you'll find out many things about me, who my friends are, what I'm studying and what I think about my professors and fellow students, what movie I've seen yesterday and what book I'm currently reading.
What you won't find there are the kind of stories I've posted on EP - thoughts only some of my friends know about, experiences only I and the guy I've been with at the time could retell because only we were there. Erotic Stories; Erotic Thoughts. No one that is my friend on Facebook knows about EP and no one I've met on EP knows the name of my Facebook account. A few months ago I started to use more of the features EP had to offer. I've joined the site to read and write stories but then I started uploading pictures, most of them showing stuff that inspired me to write my stories, some of them showing myself. That didn't go well so I went back to only sharing stories and posting pictures that inspired me but don't show myself.
While searching the web for new pictures I soon realized that nearly all of them came from Tumblr-accounts and after I ran out of tokens on EP and couldn't upload any more pictures I decided to start my own Tumblr-page, sharing pictures that inspire me, turn me on, make me laugh or warm my heart. I know Tumblr can be more than "just" a photo album but that's exactly how I intend to use it. If you want to take a look what I've come up with until now you can find me here:


I hope you like it :)
LauraDK LauraDK
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11 Responses Sep 11, 2012

thanks laura, for sharing ur eclectic collection, along with all ur playfully perceptive and often uniquely ironic captions...

Add not ASD lol

Please ASD me wow I love that you respond to peoples comments so genuine

Take a look in your inbox and you'll find a surprise :)

Ohhh thank you

Nice, Laura!

That's awesome...love those photos...

Thank you. I have dozens of new ones waiting to be edited and posted but I just can't find the time to do it...

Thank you for sharing :-)

Thanks for appreciating them :)

Good stuff Laura!

Your tumblr collection is quite nice, and your comments add a great deal to the pictures.

I'm glad you like it :)

Your Tumblr site is very interesting and funny, we like the moving penis and all other very original nude and erotic pics! So many showing wonderful erections and so many are quite exciting to see. They really demonstrate the beauty of nudity and human sexuality!

Thank you. The 'moving penis' still makes me laugh every time I look at it :D

oh my gosh, Laura..

Yes? ;)

Hey Laura, just checked out your tumbir pics. I feel like I have just been in your subconscious and seen what makes you who you are. What makes you tick so to speak. Very interesting, some sensuous and quite humorous pics. Cheers!

Thanks, that sounds like a fitting description :)