I've had various different Tumblr blogs over the past couple of years. I really enjoy it. I pretty much just re-blog lots of random pictures, which in no way relate to each other. I don't have a specific theme. I re-blog comedy pictures, bands, art and other things I find interesting. I currently only have 1372 followers, so I am by no means 'Tumblr Famous', but that's okay with me. If any of you other Tumblr fans are interested, my blog is:
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I like your blog too. Mine is http://infinitelylainey.tumblr.com/

Hi, I like your blog. :) I think that's what tumblr should be like. It shouldn't be about all the followers (even though I guess it's pretty cool to have tons of people viewing your blog) but it should be about self expression. A diary of sorts. Some people say that you have to have a specific theme but I think it's even better and more personal to have one that's just utterly random and completely you.

thestarsbeshining.tumblr.com <- Random/Funny

The thing I have funny with tumblr is how it is supposed to be the most disconnected thing ever. Visiting one is like visiting someones mind.

Yours seems cool enough, I will check it out :)
Here's mine in case you would like to have a scoop: