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I love Pac :) The fact that he was "less than perfect" only serves to add to why I esteem him so much. Tupac carried a sort eloquence meshed with an uncanny ability to reach any audience. He died one day after my 4th birthday, so obviously I never got to attend any of his concerts. How I wish I would have gotten that see the man lost in all that was his beautiful trade. Perhaps what draws me so much to his music is in the fact that like me; he was an idealist...He spoke his mind, regardless of what it may imply

Here are some lyrics (profane and explicit yet articulate in its message--demanding for some sort of change, a reform):


"Wonder Why They Call U"

[Chorus: 2Pac]

You wonda why they call U *****
You wonda why they call U *****.
You wonda why they call U *****
You wonda why they call U *****.
You wonda why they call U *****
You wonda why they call U *****.

[Verse One: 2Pac]

Look here Miss Thang
hate to salt your game
but yous a money hungry woman
and you need to change.

In tha locker room
all the homies do is laugh.
High five's cuz anotha nigga
played your ***.

It was said you were sleeezy
even easy
sleepin around for what
you need

See it's your thang
and you can shake it how you wanna.
Give it up free
or make your money on the corner.

But don't be bad and play the game
get mad and change.
Then you wonda why these muthafuckas
call you names.

Still lookin' for a way out
and that's OK
I can see you wanna stray
there's a way out.

Keep your mind on your money,
enroll in school.
And as the years pass by
you can show them fools.

But you ain't tryin' to hear me
cuz your stuck,
you're headin' for the bathroom
'bout to get tossed up.

Still lookin' for a rich man
you dug a ditch,
got your legs up
tryin' to get rich.

I love you like a sista
but you need to switch
and that's why they called
U *****, I betcha.


[Verse Two: 2Pac]

You leave your kids with your mama
cuz your headin' for the club
in a skin tight miniskirt
lookin' for some love.

Got them legs wide open
while you're sittin' at the bar
Talkin' to some nigga
'bout his car.

I guess he said he
had a Lexxxus, what's next?
You headin' to his car for some sex

I pass by
can't hold back tears inside
cuz, lord knows
for years I tried.

And all the other people
on my block hate your guts
Then you wonda why they stare
and call you ****.

It's like your mind don't understand
you don't have to kill your
dreams ploten'
schemes on a man

Keep your head up, legs closed, eyes open
either a nigga wear a rubber or he die smokin'
I'm hearin' rumors so you need to switch
and niggas wouldn't call you *****, I betcha.


[Verse Three: 2Pac]

I guess times gettin' hard
even harder for you
cuz, hey now, got a baby
on the way now

More money from the county
and thanks to the welfare
you're about to
get your hair done.

Got a dinner date
can't be late
trick or treat, sweet thang
got anotha trick to meet.

The way he did it
it was smooth
plottin' while he gamin' you
So baby, peep tha rules.

I shoulda seen it in the first case
the worst case
I shoulda never called you back
in the first place.

I remember back in high school
baby you was fast
straight sex
and barely move your ***.

But now things change
cuz you don't look the same
let the ghetto get the best of you
baby, that's a shame

Caught HIV and now you 'bout to be deceased
and finally be in peace.

So where your niggas at now
cuz everybody left
they stepped
and left you on your own

See I loved you like a sista
but you died to quick
And that's why we called U *****, I betcha.


Here is a picture of the ever so gorgeous man ;)
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Jewish? yay :)<br />
<br />
I want me an Asian boy ;) hehee

hehehe I have a lot of white friends too :P<br />
<br />
I like white people and latinos, and african americans AND ASIANS! xD<br />
<br />
but I guess I don't really see people in terms of race, it's an innate behavior for me not to (unless they're Asian..I have a thing for Asians ;) haha)

hehee I know you're kidding and aren't racist at all, I'm just giving you a hard time..if you were racist I would have already eating your eyeballs!!!!!!!!!!! muhhahaha ...Because I love African American people! As all other races :)<br />
<br />
Awwwwwwwwwww :( Me too!! he was sooooooooooooooooo awesome and funny, always made me laugh

I love Pac :D<br />
<br />
and yeah that sounded pretty damn racist you 33 yr. old guy named AL xD<br />
<br />
what happened to him?

Thanks for reading :D

Good and sad song :(, never really listened to Tupac's songs but I did love "Changes". Thanks for sharing, good story

yea, it

CHC? heehee yea a lot of people on here call me by that because it's shorter xD<br />
<br />
and hahahha noo of course not

@yaBOYEP hhahahaha he better be careful<br />
<br />
@Mr.Sadist I had seen that before..hilarious xD

I might have to go ninja on him muhahahah

ahahaha xD he deserves it

I'm going to scratch you >:(

Indeed hahaha l listen to his music every single day xD

Tupac goes hard there aint no one who ever gonna be able to match up to him, Im from Texas but West side the best side nigga haha

Yup, yup..thanks for your comment yaBOYEP! :)