My Theory

I have noticed, have you? That in every single 2Pac song, Outlawz included and Thug Life. (Two 2pac side projects) In every verse he has an original piece of scripture! Seriously, in EVERY song there's a philosophical line or several! I can't very well relate to the aspects of Thug Life, living in the projects or what it's like to be black, in that sense for me 2Pac is somewhat limited lyrically. I am not saying non black people shouldn't listen to Pac or can't relate to him as song writer but I am saying...well...he has an album entitled Strictly For My one could gather some of his work is in fact predominantly aimed at a black audience..The title seems to be an indication. But that doesn't stop me anyway. I listen to all of Pac's work...for several reasons, all I'm saying is that I can't always relate. But always in his verses in between all the Thug, sex, and social issue oriented lyrical content is a very profound lyric! In each song, one line that floors me, never fails. Start looking for them! Analyze his lyrics, ******* astounding!
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Jan 20, 2013