I Wish I Could Wear A Tutu

My ultimate fantasy is to be put into a tutu and prance around all day with the tutu bouncing up and down as I play around.
sissyballerina1 sissyballerina1
22-25, M
3 Responses Dec 7, 2012

I'm wearing my tutu leotard right now. isn't it a wonderful feeling?

Hi Leotardi, do you do ballet or is it for fun, I love wearing mine, but I do wear it mainly at ballet class when doing en pointe work as to help get the correct position for my arms, as the tutu skirt is a lot higher, then were the arms normally rest,
Its a beautiful feeling wearing a tutu, its makes me feel so feminine

Join a ballet/dance school and I am sure they would be more then happy to help. I love wearing my tutu

I Also want this. Tutus are so bueatiful when they bounce up and down. I would love to be put in one with pink tights and tiny ballet slippers.