There Was A Chorus Of Good-byes

And the vision screen went blankHow strange to think, Poole told himself, that all this had happened more than an hour ago; by now his family would have dispersed again and its members would be miles from homeBut in a way that time lag, though it could be frustrating, was also a blessing in disguiseLike every man of his age, Poole took it for granted that he could talk instantly,Hermes Outlet to anyone on Earth, whenever he pleasedNow that this was no longer true, the psychological impact was profoundHe had moved into a new dimension of remoteness, and almost all emotional links had been stretched beyond the yield point.That suits me fine, said Poole, who was the crew member designated for routine extravehicular activityI could do with a change of sceneryNothing personal, of course.

On the display screen appeared a perfect half-moon, very brilliant against a background almost free of starsIt was covered with clouds, and showed not one geographical feature that could be recognizedIndeed, at first glance it could be easily mistaken for Venus.But not at a second one, for there beside it was the real Moon which Venus did not possess a quarter the size of Earth, and in exactly the same phase.xa0sxkw8wjjdw1130 It was easy to imagine that the two bodies were mother and child,Hermes Birkin Bags as many astronomers had believed, before the evidence of the lunar rocks had proved beyond doubt that the Moon had never been part of Earth.I probably did, a year agoBut there are eight thousand subsystems aboardAnyway, it looks a straightforward jobWe only have to unlock a panel and put in a new unit.

Poole and Bowman studied the screen in silence for half a minuteThis image was coming to them from the long-focus TV camera mounted on the rim of the big radio dish; the cross-wires at its center showed the exact orientation of the antennaUnless the narrow pencil beam was pointed precisely at Earth, they could neither receive nor transmitMessages in both directions would miss their target and would shoot, unheard and unseen, out through the Solar System and into the emptiness beyondIf they were ever received, it would not be for centuries and not by men.Hermes Kelly Bags The information flashed on the display screen; simultaneously, a sheet of paper slid out of the slot immediately beneath itDespite all the electronic read-outs, there were times when good old-fashioned printed material was the most convenient form of record.

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