A Little Bit About Myself If You Will

I'll start out with my name, I am Nash and am 18 years old. In my past life I have seen and felt some things others would call weird. When I was 5 to 7 years old I had memories of things. Like how a lock works and how to build one. Just whenever I look at something my mind just starts to work on its own and forms what it does and most to all the parts to it and how it works together. After some time those things went to a silent, if you say ran out of knew things. After a few years or so I can understand people. Not in a way like you do when you talk to them, but understand what they are feeling just my looking at them. Not so great I know but later on I turned it into something else, were I can control the people by knowing what they will think of next and are thinking now. Works really well when I drink wine.

Another thing is that sometimes things around me move slow and I move, talk, and think faster. Really annoying but can be useful at times.

One last thing before I end this story. My blood line on my mothers side is weirder then most. What I have gathered in the past is that my mother was wiccan and her mother was to and my great grandma was a tarot reader. My fathers side isn't strong because only he did some wiccan stuff when he was a teen. Anyways where am getting at is that I am really good with the tarot because of it. They speak to me a story that I share with the person that seeks the light. Of course I do sometimes cheat by using my other power, the one I spoke of above. It works well so I don't have to ask them I just say, "So this card is telling me that you are searching for a lover but have failed so many times, but don't worry because this card over here says that soon you'll see the one that is right for you."

P.s. I hate doing love readings, it always ends up in ruin with me. Might be the people that ask or just me.
NashSu NashSu
Jul 24, 2010