I suppose my first story should be positive eh?
So I guess I'll start with tøp because they've gotten me through a lot. They have given me the strength to overcome this. I'm 6 days away from being 3months clean from self harm. 6 days away. 4 months ago I couldn't even make it a day, I could barely make it more than a few hours. I started talking to the clique and it was like another family.

Tyler is just so inspiring and he's so intelligent like he doesn't even have to share his story for me to be inspired. The way he puts everything out there like that and how he doesn't listen to the critics and the media, his music is his experiences and his expression and that's all that matters to him. His lyrics capture so much emotion and they're so relatable I love it.

I love tøp
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Their sound, their lyrics, their image is basically all unique. I ******* love them

I don't understand why everyone doesn't love them. They'e, in my opinion, the ideal band.

They helped me through a ton as well keep going my friend cx