I liked Twenty One Pilots before and after Blurryface. I feel like they didn't get any recognition til Blurryface. who agrees?
MissMorgana MissMorgana
4 Responses Feb 18, 2016

I agree! P

Agreed. Before Blurryface, no one knew who I was talking about (except for my one friend who also listens to them). But now, everyone at least knows them for Stressed Out, which is good for them, you know, I'm happy they're successful, but it's a shame that not many are familiar with their older stuff. When I put "I'm a kitchen sink, you don't know what that means -Twenty One Pilots" as my yearbook quote, people had no idea what I was referring too.

For sure. I got into them a couple of months before Blurryface came out, and now they're in the charts and playing on the radio.. It's a little scary tbh

I agree...completely