A friend of mine insulted Josh Dun's hair.
I threatened to steal his car radio .-.
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You should make him sit in silence .-.

You might say you were Dun with his ****...

And you wonder why I say you are brutal. First reading it, it is funny then you start to wonder how serious you are.

I read the first line and I'm ready to fight

Pfft Josh Dun's hair is lame.

Not even Blurryface cares what you think >:I

Cookz, now you're just overdoing it. I don't know whom twenty one pilots are, nor do I know Josh Dun with his bad hair...now you add another mysterious persona - blurryface.

Whether or not you know of these happenings, my references made me happy :D

Soldier on Cookz *fist bump*

Your lame

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