I take them to help me sleep but now with the baby I can only take them when she’s at the X’s. The only problem is now they don’t work as well as before so I have to take more and more. Oh as long as I go into the deep sleep zone I’m good. Very addicting for me but so worth it.
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taking them for years but sometimes three and then three more mid night... cant turn brain off to sleep

drug that help sleep are addictive but this not as you think the trouble is that they begin to lose afect and so you take more but soon they do not work any more and then you got to get more drugs and soon you can not sleep with out them please be very careful or may pay big your friend Tom

Chamomile tea is a great alternative sometimes, if you wanna keep your tolerance down, also when the baby is home.<br />
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It has some sedative effects, but it doesn't really dope you up or knock you out. It just helps you relax some so your body can sleep on it's own.