Wassa matter? You don't like laughing?


Madea is the toughest, most realistic "Big Mama" I've ever seen depicted in the movies.   While she's pretty over the edge (which keeps my sides hurting); she manages to share messages of encouragement and self love.   I feel it was very thoughtful of Tyler Perry to write plays and movies about real life situations.  The morals in his movies are always centered around love.  I personally believe that love could possibly have a positive effect on the lives of anyone it comes in contact with (if the person is open to receive it).   Mr. Perry artistically  recreates these real life situations in a manner that cracks me up, makes me cry or even gets me up dancing.   


Jesus was the word.  And before him, nobody could speak because he was the word.  The bible says in the beginning was the word and the word was with God and the God was the word and the word was God. Am I right?


Now Jesus, was speaking words so if the word spoke words (the creator of the alphabet and the words spoke words)  He spoke words in past, present and future tense. Am I right about it? 


Peace be still.  In the beginning peace was already still he just had to fulfill the prophecy (stay with me).  Jesus said “Peace Be still,” and peace was still and if you want peace right now peace is still in the future. Peace be still, peace was still, peace is still.  Peace be still, peace was still, peace is made of steele.

That is some funny stuff!



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Yes it is. Flour. Yes it is.

Ooh I love her also. I laughed my *** off . Great comedy!

that shout was awesome especially when she dropped it like it was hot.