U2 - the Last Positive Rock Band

I have been a U2 fan since my freshman year when the Joshua Tree album came out.  Over the years, I've collected every album and several books about U2.  U2 is truly one of the bands that give back to people, not only through their music but also through the humanitarian works.

Bono has been reamed as of late for being a fanatic about Africa and it's plight of poverty, devastation, and the AIDs pandemic.  However, in truth, he is only trying to live up to his duty as a as a follower of Christ.  I will not get preachy but if you spend just 10 minutes listening to why people should unite to battle this crisis in Africa you can not help to be reminded of some of the eloquent speakers of the twentieth century.  Speakers such as John F. Kennedy, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr, and even Bill Clinton.  Set aside the politics and just simple hear what he has to say, his passion and conviction is mesmorizing, and he stirs action in people.

I am from Louisiana and the absolute decimation of the New Orleans was tragic for me.  I found myself depressed for weeks there after.  One of the unique characteristics of New Orleans is the music and the musicians who spend their last dime bringing music to the Big Easy.  When Katrina hit, the music temporarily died.  Edge from U2 started a music campaign for the musicians who had lost everything.  Edge understood the power of music and healing properties that music can bring even in the most hopeless situations.  New Orleans to this day is still not whole but the music is back and I am grateful.

Now for the music, I can't say enough about the music and the evolution that the band has gone through since their first album.  I will say that Bono is an extraoridinary writer and that his lyrics are interwoven throughout his music like a fine tapestry.  Edge, the guitarist, is very gifted and unfortunately has not been recognized for his technical skill like other guitarists such as Eddie Van Halen or Jimmy Hendrix.  When the Edge was asked about being slighted, he quibbed that the only reason is that U2's music is not perceived as rock but more like pop.  I disagree.

Even if you don't like the music of U2 or if you think that their Humanitarian work is hoaky.  One cannot dispute the fact that in the last 20 years there have been very few bands that have given back so generously.  In the land of Hip Hop and excesses, we see more about what musicians are wearing or what new house they've purchased versus any meaty substance like giving back to the world.  

 U2 is different, they give back, and for that reason for me, they are truly the best band in the world.

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3 Responses Apr 18, 2007

the best band on the planet. I love how they have not come out with a single negative, vulgar song, and i hope they never will. U2 is a beautiful band.

U2 rulezzzzzzzzzzz

Amen, they are the best.