They Killed Disco - God Bless Them!

I was never too wild about punk, a little too "anti-musical" for me, but the raw energy and anger were a welcome breath of foul air after the coked-up schlock-fest that was disco, one of the darkest chapters in American music.  If you want to watch a brilliant, albeit disturbing, movie that really defines the era, get Sid & Nancy.  Billed as a "love story" it chronicles the meteoric rise and fall of the Sex Pistols, Sid Vicious in particular.  Gary Oldman is absolutely astounding as Vicious, it is a Master class in acting.
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Love - I'll Be Your Mirror and Sunday Morning.

Romantic comedy, ouch! -- I loved American Splendor.

Of course, to be technical about it, The Velvet Underground invented it in the mid-60s, and they wouldn't have had a chance if the Kinks hadn't set the table for them.

That was a good movie....Yep, I was a fan of not only the UK punk but also of the NYC punk of the mid/late 70's - a Ramones fan forever!