What I mean is, I love to watch. I don't actually want to take part.

UFC is about as intense as sport gets. No gloves, no helmets, a few rules that no one understands. Blood, sweat and tears. Kill or be killed. Survival of the fittest.

Hey, they want to do it. Nobody holds a gun to their head and forces them to take part.

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4 Responses Feb 27, 2009

Yes, and ironically although wrestling is fake it's also WAY more dangerous.

I've never seen it, sounds interesting though...<br />
I can respect the fact that it's REAL ... I hate staged shows like wrestling...

I agree it is a unique sport....and it's hynotic, my 10 yr old daughter loves watching....I also did a little research..I used to box and due to the nature of the rules, the length of the bouts and the lack of "boxing gloves", there are fewer long term and short term injuries...........boxing gloves especially the ones used now, basically make the fist a lethal weopn, allowing you hit someone harder and for a longer period of time the glove protects the hand and only helps distribute the power of the punch to all parts of the head/etc......so I love the sport, but I'm with you, I just want to watch.......

I've been told I fight like a girl. Maybe they were just jealous of my technique?