It's The Only Way To Love..

In my opinion,  to love another - and i don't mean just romantically, but other people, friends and family included, should always be unconditional, truly from the heart.   But that's an ideal that not many people can accomplish.  I have though, and still do, make that my goal at all times.

Of course, i know it's not easy and sometimes people may take advantage of that kind of love.  But, i still think it's the way to be, come what may. As a result, some people have probably labeled me as an Idealist, naive kind of person, and i accept that ... but in the end, i think it's worth it and i'm at peace with myself on that point. 

The only problem that i  struggle with in that regard, is after having been hurt on account of that kind of caring, i have also been hurt a lot and taken advantage of, so the trick is to sort it all out, and really know who is worthy of your whole-hearted affection and who is not - that's what makes it all so complicated and somtimes heartbreaking.  But, in the end, you have to be yourself and loving always involves risk. 

Anibear Anibear
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2 Responses Apr 27, 2010

I think you have the right idea definitely, i congratulate you on that issue, it's alway easier to love the ones who love us back ..but it's a lot harder to love someone who does not share your own feelings... but you are the better person for it, and you'll find peace within yourself. I believe that was what Jesus taught - to love our enemies - so to speak, but i admit - it's often very difficult to do, but who knows she might just come around and realize the error of her ways.

I totally agree! My brother's wife left him when he went to Iraq. I wanted to slap her face, but decided to love her no matter what she does. They have a daughter together and she has moved her boyfriend in. That makes me want to scream! but I choose to love her anyway. I find that this decision changes the way I react toward her....and in the process she listens to me about stuff that she normally would not. Love is an amazing thing. Choosing to love her has made me less angry. I still do not condone what she does and she knows that but she can also see that I love her and that means a lot.