I Thought Of This... Just Because...

 Our friendship runs deep, That for sure is true.

    It's nuts how I want the best for you.

Hope you life is full, that its full of pleasure, 

    That friendship for you one could not measure.

I'm here for you *Underneathwhatyousee* no matter what              'cuz  it is right,  

     So happy belated Valentine's Day, three hours past                        midnight!!


     * imagine your first name there. I'm not sure if people know you by what I know you on here, so I'm sacrificing the poetic flow to respect your privacy           (LOL!!! i make it sound as if it is hard to do, or that I do not want to! wtf.)

Just sayin hello, and lettin you know I joined your group here. I'll see you around! This should prove interesting!

NMurk NMurk
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 15, 2010

Awww, Seth, I love you too...I miss you on biality.