All Good Bands Are Broken

All good bands break up when they're getting popular, to maintain that underground status.. or just by accident.

The Unicorns was the band i listened to during the best time in my life. And was introed to me by a long lost crush... (you know those)

They're a band from Montreal, and its unbelievable how amazing they are.. a drool at you tube videos of their concerts at Rhinos, and i realllly , reallly wish i was there.. they're so fcking happy! and experimental at the same time.. I wish i could see them in concert... the islands just aren't the same..

I listened to this band two summers ago... and that summer was so filled with the new experiences, and life, and it was... well, now if i were to re-live, wouldn't be that exciting, but in my innocence and nubness to everything, it was totally life in itself...

I don't wish i could go back.. but those are the moments, i look back and think to myself that ever so over-said line... "good times" but i really, truely, deeply mean it... its not just a way to end a little short reminiscing discussion with someone about some meaningless "fun".

SpitshineCumfy SpitshineCumfy
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1 Response Jan 20, 2008

You're so lucky!<br />
I heard that the Islands let the audience come onto stage and dance at the end... did that happen where you were??<br />
<br />
I miss the Unicorns :