Symbol Of Purity

I have loved unicorns for many years and there are many unicorn prints around my house.  Unfortunately my daughter also loves them so all my plush toys have been repossessed by her and she has managed to destroy most of the ornaments.  lol.  Oh well at least I still have my walls adorned by this beautiful creature and a couple of ornaments have survived.  I know the plush toys mean more to her than me and Im happy she loves them.

I wear a gold one round my neck which thankfully has survived the carnage of a young child.  I like to keep him there to remind me of the majesty, faithfulness and purity of this magnificent creature.  I always hope some of these wonderful qualities seep into me.  Some days I feel I am not worthy to wear him but I generally try to live up to the traits he symbolises.  It brings me great comfort knowing that he is helping keep my soul more pure as he sits near my heart.

I would dearly love to climb aboard one of these magical creatures and gallop off into the mystical night.  Never to return to the mundane realities of my suburban life.
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3 Responses Mar 24, 2012

Oohhh!!! Soo jealous of the unicorn necklace! I have my fair share of unicorns around as well. I think they are real, but they do not show themselves to stay out of harms way.

thats very cute. thanks for your comment.

You are very welcome.

i told you when i was little i was drawn to unicorns....and now i know why it is cuz my soul was searching for you.....

and I felt so lost until you came along my sweetheart

Awww, I loved reading this..... I think unicorns ROCK too!! :)

Thanks so much sierra =) Was a bit of a dry story but I'd like to add a fantasy one to this group at some stage. Nice to know my lovely buddy is another unicorn lover =)